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Rajoy’s Spain ended nearly 300 days of "anarchy" – Beijing Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that 29 local time, Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Rajoy, won the parliamentary "new government prime minister held the final round of voting trust, successful re-election. Spain finally ended nearly 300 days of anarchy. The Spanish parliament voted on Saturday to hand agent Mr Rajoy’s second vote of confidence, the speaker of the house of Commons announced on Spain’s 170 votes, 111 votes against, 68 abstentions, in the support and part of the Socialist Party members abstained situation, Mr Rajoy finally passed, will start the second term prime minister, formed a minority government, he is expected to come on Sunday or Monday took the oath of office Thursday announced the new cabinet list, ending 10 months of political deadlock. Although once again topped the throne of prime minister, but this time, Rajoy became the road around the Bush, the first of his party, people’s party in parliament, 350 seats only 137 seats. While the second socialists though righteous, in order to avoid social unrest and compromise the Spanish abstained, but stressed: abstain, does not mean that the party will support the continuation of the Rajoy administration. More importantly, Mr Rajoy took office since 2011, took a sharp tightening, although the economic recovery, but in the lower level of people’s life has repeatedly declined, just before the vote, thousands of people in the streets of Madrid demonstrations against Mr Rajoy’s government came to power again. In the eyes of the people of Spain, the Spanish veteran of two party cooperation, make the election into a farce, Mr Rajoy led the right-wing people’s party after the corruption scandal, they lost to the country’s management qualification, as the left socialists in the final moments of compromise is to live up to the people to vote for them trust. But more people in Spain for the country came to a political dilemma of democracy since the end of the longest happy, in their view, two consecutive general election has stalled in the country, the parties put aside their differences to reach an agreement, to avoid the third general election is the correct practice only, as soon as possible to establish the new government, Spain can continue to move forward in the further implementation of economic recovery and development of the road. It is interesting that, in the absence of the Prime Minister of this period, the Spanish economy has not declined to increase the interesting phenomenon. Eurostat latest data show that in the two quarter of 2016, the Spanish economy grew by 3.2%, an increase of 0.7% in the euro area, second only to Slovakia. Cui Hongjian, the European Institute of international research Chinese pointed out that a sound civil service system to ensure that no country can be the Prime Minister of Spain in normal operation. "This is actually my European countries after years of political practice, there’s a very interesting phenomenon, a political party came to power through the campaign, the Democratic side, through the transfer of political power performance of western style democratic election. On the other hand, because most European countries.相关的主题文章:

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Li Keqiang "lead" the East Asia Summit, China was a major victory for the Sohu news before almost all signs of September 8th held in Vientiane, the eleventh East Asia Summit, will be a fierce battle "South China Sea". Some countries outside the South China Sea issue time "Guazaizuibian" on several occasions before the summit, even released relentless, will talk about the issue at the summit "". But Premier Li Keqiang elaborated on China’s " South China Sea issue " principled position, the participants of the national leaders generally give a positive response. Before the new photography agency Liu Zhen almost all signs of September 8th held in Vientiane, the eleventh East Asia Summit, will be a fierce battle "South China Sea". Some countries outside the South China Sea issue time "Guazaizuibian" on several occasions before the summit, even released relentless, will talk about the issue at the summit "". But the final result is: as the South China Sea " " direct claimants to the leaders of Philippines, in the East Asia Summit, from first to last did not mention the "South China Sea" two words, the South China Sea region leaders also no mention of the so-called "Nanhai arbitration", only two to mention the so-called "countries outside the South China Sea arbitration" appears to be "isolated and helpless". Although the United States President Obama spoke at the summit, but prime minister Li Keqiang elaborated on China’s ", the South China Sea issue ", the principled position, the leaders of the participating countries generally give a positive response. The fact is that after the summit, the first speaker of the national leader of Philippines, President Duthel Te, not only did not mention the South China Sea issue, but in particular thanks to China’s help in the anti drug Philippines. Although the United States President Obama later in his speech still direct mention of the so-called "Nanhai arbitration", but prime minister Li Keqiang after his speech, justified law clarifies the China as " " South China Sea; the other claimants opinion. Li Keqiang said: first of all, China is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, in accordance with the Convention, States parties have the right to choose the first direct dialogue and consultation and peaceful settlement of disputes. This means that China does not accept, do not participate in the so-called South China Sea arbitration, it is in the exercise of international law and the rights conferred by the convention. Secondly, China and ASEAN countries reached the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea, effectively safeguarding the peace and stability in the South China Sea over the past 10 years. In accordance with the provisions of the South China Sea disputes should be resolved by the parties directly through negotiations and peaceful settlement". The unilateral arbitration, the introduction of the third party, contrary to the spirit of the declaration, disrupting the order based on the rule of the region, undermined the peace and stability in the region. More importantly, China and ASEAN countries are actively promoting the South China Sea code of conduct consultations, dispute resolution before the settlement of differences, resolve conflicts. The day before the summit, the China ASEAN leaders’ meeting also adopted two papers on maritime cooperation. On the day before the meeting of China ASEAN leaders, the leaders of the 10 countries of China and ASEAN have adopted the "South China Sea"相关的主题文章:

Wang Yi talks with Uzbekistan’s foreign minister, Camilo J 519697

Wang Yi and Uzbekistan foreign minister Camilo J talks in the new network – Xinhua News Agency November 12 Tashkent Xinhua (reporter Sha dati) on November 12th, foreign minister Wang Yi held talks in Tashkent with Uzbekistan’s foreign minister Camilo J. Wang Yi said, I went to the first stop of Samarkand’s visit to Ukraine to the late president Karimov mourning, the memory of the historic contribution he made to the development of bilateral relations. Since President Mir Ziyoevde took office, domestic and foreign affairs presents a new atmosphere. My visit is to express confidence in China’s future prospects for Ukraine, Ukraine and China relations in the future with confidence. Wang Yi said that President Karimov left an important diplomatic legacy is the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and ukraine. China attaches great importance to bilateral relations, any change to Ukraine friendly policy, is willing to work with Uzbekistan together, the two leaders to create Ukraine to continue and carry forward the friendship, the two countries can not only meet the people’s interests, but also conducive to peace stability and development in the region. A series of important consensus the two sides should implement the two heads of state meeting in Tashkent in June this year will reach pragmatic cooperation, promote bilateral cooperation in the construction of "The Belt and Road" and other key areas to achieve new progress. At the same time fully tap the potential to carry out cooperation in production capacity, hydropower and tourism and other fields, to create a new point of growth in cooperation, the relationship between the two countries to add new meaning, inject new impetus. China is ready to work with Uzbekistan to strengthen law enforcement and security and intelligence cooperation, strengthening the Shanghai cooperation organization within the multilateral framework of cooperation, and jointly safeguard regional peace and security. We thank Wang Yi Camilo J made a special trip to Samarkand to pay homage to President Karimov. Camilo J said that the strategic relationship between China and Ukraine on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, in recent years, sustained and rapid development. Mutual trust and mutual respect. Fruitful cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields. The two countries have similar diplomatic ideas and good cooperation on the international stage. As for China Uzbekistan border without great neighbors, attaches great importance to relations with China, an important political legacy to carry President Karimov, put the comprehensive strategic partnership to consolidate and develop. The Greek Uzbekistan China to maintain all levels of political exchanges, promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields. The Ukrainian side firmly supports China’s fight against the "three forces", is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai cooperation organization, jointly safeguard regional security.相关的主题文章:

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Married two months five million debt beleaguered communities called for the reconstruction of matrimonial debt rules volunteers to appeal for revision of the "24", to avoid the risk of uncertainty in marriage drawing: Li Kaihong 24 pre marital debt shared their presumption of debt for the former spouse Similarly afflicted people pity each other., deep debt crisis, the amount from 550 thousand to tens of millions of houses; be carried out, they become a "Laolai" there are professors, doctors and civil servants; and judge them, women and children are the most vulnerable groups. They set up heating QQ group, WeChat group, abandon the case thinking, all together, want to modify the "24", under the legal framework to solve the "marriage of a party in improper debt, the other party shall bear joint liability issues. Canadian returnees Ms. Dong’s experience is quite absurd: Wang and her marriage after crazy debt, and married two months on foot. Just two months of marriage, Ms. Dong need to be jointly liable for about $5 million of debt. Parents are executed in premarital buying houses, she also became the "old lai". Chengdu Daily reporter depth survey found that "the Supreme People’s Court on the application (People’s Republic of China marriage law) interpretation of several issues (two)" (hereinafter referred to as the "twenty-fourth 24") gave birth to a special group, although they have been in law and the previous spouse over personal attachment but they are improper before spouse’s leverage and debt crisis. Experienced a common trauma, they have done this thing through the QQ group WeChat group want to reconstruct the law of the family debt obligations, the legal framework to solve this problem." The same fate of Ms. Wang published an article "marriage at risk, need to be cautious in the light of" licensing, Sina micro-blog reading volume has reached more than 600 divorce after more than 5 years, who lives in Sichuan, Dazhou Ms. Chen because of debt problems associated with her ex husband. Last June, Zheng a paper petition, Ms. Chen Shu together with her ex husband to court, for the debt of 550 thousand yuan. As early as January 13, 2010, Ms. Chen has been divorced and comfortable. Dazhou Ms. Chen 550 thousand joint liability claims that a 2015 origin ex husband Shu write. The note, Shu Mou said that in July 23, 2009 he Jeong father borrowed 550 thousand yuan for the delivery of the project zhibaojin. During the trial, Ms. Chen submitted a notice of the successful bid of the project, the notice shows that the aforementioned works until 2011 was successful. Finally, the trial court finds that, although Ms. Chen Shu and have been divorced for 5 years, but due to two people during the marriage and the engineering occurrence time and money transfer is not necessarily related to form of debt, Ms. Chen should bear joint and several liability for the debt. Since last October, his ex-wife disappeared after a Yibin state-owned enterprise staff Mr. Zhao all the energy, in responding to and dealing with his creditors. Mr. Zhao ex-wife owed tens of millions of dollars of foreign debt. Up to now, there are 3 creditors will be sued as a joint defendant Zhao, 1 creditors apply for enforcement. Three lawsuits, including Mr. Zhao sister, uncle ex-wife to testify in court, Mr. Zhao ex-wife gambling in the long-term, "is a winning or losing hundreds of thousands". But in the end, the court is still based on "24" on the basis of the requirements of Mr. Zhao相关的主题文章:

Former deputy secretary of Yunnan Provincial Committee and was accused of taking bribes 2433 yuan &n 1256789

Former deputy secretary of Yunnan Provincial Committee and was accused of taking bribes 2433 yuan   pleaded guilty repentance – Politics – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in August 25, according to Guizhou Province, Guiyang City Intermediate People’s court official micro-blog news, August 25, 2016, Guizhou Province, Guiyang City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the Yunnan provincial Party committee deputy secretary and bribery case. Guiyang City, Guizhou province people’s Procuratorate indictment: 2008 to 2015, the defendant Qiu used as the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and party secretary of Kunming, convenient conditions to facilitate the formation of Yunnan provincial Party committee deputy secretary and so on and power and status, to help others in the project, bank loans, work adjustment and other matters, illegally accepting Liu Wei, 13 people for higher property totaling RMB 2433 yuan. In the trial, the prosecution presented evidence, hatred and defense questioned the evidence, both parties under the auspices of the court to fully express their views, he also made a final statement, and pleaded guilty in court, repentance. China and Guizhou province two NPC deputies and CPPCC members, the people’s Court of special supervisors, special consultants, journalists and people from all walks of life of 60 people to attend the trial. After the trial court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing. (Tong Zongli, deep commissioning editor: Yin)相关的主题文章: